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Meet Brit Morris

Bridgette Morris, known as “Brit” by friends and family, is a board-certified therapist with over three decades of experience with narcissistic abuse. She has treated clients who are suffering from toxic relationships, helping thousands regain control of their lives. Brit is a recognized narcissistic abuse expert in the therapeutic field and has been awarded the best marriage and family therapist numerous times in the cities she serves as well as her private practice, Healing Life Counseling Group, being named, “The best family and marriage private practice” numerous times in the cities she serves.

Brit also knows first hand what it is like to be entangled with someone who is addicted to conflict, is emotionally toxic and thrives on using people in their never ending game of control and manipulation. She has endured and successfully walked away from narcissistic abuse and is here to tell you she understands how difficult and emotionally draining these relationships can be. She also wants you to know it’s not your fault your in your current situation and she can help you.

Narcissism is a very complex issue. There is no cure for NPD. However, now there is Brit’s life changing nine step process “NARC-B-Gone!” Used by thousands of clients in her private practice who have learned how to break free of painful relationships and love their life again. Brit  takes a complex issue and gives you a simple, step by step way to take control of your life now. She’s thrilled to make it available online to you! 

When we say NARC-B-Gone! we do not mean to make this toxic person in your life gone. This is often is not a reality because the NARC in your life is probably a part of your close circle- a parent, intimate relationship, teacher, friend, etc. So what is one to do? Brit will show you step-by-step how to change your perspective and change your behavior so you can put yourself in better position to deal with this person and break free from painful relationship patterns once and for all! Yes! This is possible! This person will no longer have a negative impact in your life.

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Is your brain stuck? Constantly focusing on the narcissist? Are you feeling…misunderstood, tired, frustrated? Are you hopeful things will change and they don’t? If so, you are probably involved with a narcissist (we call the NARC) or simply allowing toxic, emotionally unhealthy people to impact your life. 

Brit’s life changing 9 step e-course, NARC-B-Gone! Take Control of Your Life will show you how to change your life immediately and permanently. No longer a victim to emotionally toxic people, you’ll be able to take control of your life and create the life you want. You do this by learning how to manage your brain (and the thoughts within) to take control of your life now!

This is the only one hour e-course that shows you the NARC’s game, how they use conflict to keep you stuck in a never ending game of manipulation, control and how YOU can learn to the manage your brain (and the thoughts within it) to take control of your life immediately! This is the #1 thing you can do to change your life today.

What Is A NARC? /närk/

: A person whose entire focus is on themselves. They have no real concern about ( or connection) with you.

Antonyms; empathic, caring, reliable, accountable, trust worthy

9-Module Online Course

Learn To Break Free From Any Narcissist In Your Life! You Will Gain:

  • Peace of mind
  • Improved sleep
  • Reconnected with life & others
  • Happier relationship with self
  • Financial stability
  • Reduced anxiety

Join others who have taken our life changing e-course, taught from a therapeutic and legal perspective. Brit and your NBG! team have over 60 years of personal and professional experience in dealing with narcissism and will show you step by step how to break free of any NARC! This course is for you if you are in the midst of breaking free from any NARC. 

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Break free of painful relationship patterns once and for all!

Improve who you are at your core — your health, your mindset, your perspective — and who you are in relationship with others.

Brit is a recognized narcissistic abuse expert in the therapeutic field. 

She can help you.