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Brit morris

Bridgette Morris, known as “Brit” by friends and family, is an award winning family and marriage therapist being recognized multiple times as the best family and marriage therapist in the cities she serves as well as her private practice being named the best family and marriage private practice in the cities they serve. 

Brit is a recognized narcissistic abuse expert in the therapeutic field and the creator of NARC-B-Gone! A nine step program to take control of your life with a narcissist and break free from painful relationship patterns and soar in your life. She has used her 9 step program in her private practice helping people who are suffering from toxic relationships regain control of their lives and is excited to bring these life changing tools to you online.

Brit’s goal is to educate the world about narcissism so we can change the negative effects narcissism has on our lives, families and communities. That is why she has many professionals help support her mission. Your NBG! team consists of practicing attorneys, social workers, therapists, psychologists and more. They help us create great tools and resources to help support you. Each professional on your NBG! team has personal and professional experience with narcissism and has either experienced it first hand in their counseling offices, seen it inside the courtroom battlefields, watched narcissism in action in our schools &/or witnessed the damage It causes to extended families and the community at largeThink of Brit & your NBG! Team as your go to resource for everything you need to deal with narcissism.

If you are looking for a therapist who specializes in narcissism please visit my private practice for help. 

Davis Smith

Davis Smith is a board certified brain health coach, life coach and the creator of “Mentally Strong with Davis” where he helps others build daily habits and choices to succeed in life. His program is a simple, achievable process to build a better life where he teaches children, teens and young adults how to tackle self-doubt, worry, rejection once and for all and how to take massive action to create the life you want to live. 

Davis has also co-written with his mother, Brit Morris, “A parents guide to raising a happy and confident child” He also co-authors our Children’s Series on how to talk to kids about narcissism. 

Davis knows first hand what it takes to let go of past disappointment, shift your focus to what you can control and find joy and purpose in the life you are living. Spending most of his tween and teen years stuck in the family court system Davis choose to shift his focus off of what was happening and focus on what he could control – his thoughts and choices. During this time he created a social app, LUV4wrd, to help those living in homelessness in Georgia. LUV4wrd raised over $40,000 to help the Atlanta Homeless community. 

Davis is fortunate to have extensive training with Dr. Daniel Amen, New York Times #1 best selling author and double board certified psychiatrist and brain health coach. He has been named Georgia Positive Athlete of the year for 2018, American Junior Golf Association Male Sportsman of the year 2018, 11 Alive kids making a difference in our community 2015 and is currently a NCAA division I golfer.

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Immediate relief right now

The NARC-B-Gone! Take Control Of My Life

Make immediate, positive lasting change right now with the NBG! take control of my life now and be an NBG! game changer. The only 1 hour ecourse that shows you how to change your life immediacy and permanently. In an hour you will know how to effectively deal with narcissism and take massive action in your life right now. 

Break free from any narcissist

Break Free From Any NARC

Get access to Brit’s life changing e-course that takes you step by step through the NARC-B-Gone program. Taught from a legal and therapeutic perspective Brit and your NBG! team will show you everything you need to know about narcissism and how break free from painful relationships. With over 60 years experience both personally and professionally you will walk away free and with your own game plan to freedom.

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How To Raise A Happy & Confident Child

Learn how to talk to kids about narcissism and raise a happy and confident child. Written by Brit and her son Davis who spent his tween and teen years stuck in the family court system. They will share a unique perspective on how, regardless of the  circumstances you face, you can find purpose and joy in the moments and raise a happy and confident child. 

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