September 17, 2020

Children’s Series: Talking with Kids, Teens and Young Adults About Divorce & Narcissism

Talking with kids, teens and young adults About Divorce & Narcissism is a challenging conversation however if handle correctly can be a game changing conversation.

Trust that we understand how difficult it be.

Also, trust us it is so very important. Including children from the time of a decision you are getting divorced demonstrates that honesty is a core family value. And if adults don’t talk with children, please  believe us when we tell you that they always know.

So what do you do if your spouse that you are divorcing refuses to speak with you and the children about the divorce and what is occurring in your family? What do you do if the other parent thrives on conflict and works against you? What do you do if you are already divorced and realizing the other parent is addicted to conflict?

The game changer is that there are people who can help you talk with your children about narcissism and divorce.

That’s where Brit and Davis step in. You are not alone. We can help!

This month, we are excited &  honored to be answering your questions about how to talk with children about divorce & narcissism, especially if you are divorcing someone you believe has NPD and is emotionally unhealthy.

With the right tools you can help you children learn how to handle change in intentional ways. Allow them to process their feelings in healthy ways and find comfort during a difficult time.

Below is the description of who Brit and Davis are and how they can help.

Who Are Brit and Davis

Brit (aka Davis’s mom) is a board certified therapist and founder of NARC-B-Gone! Brit was just like you, worried about her family, and what to do when entangled with someone who uses conflict to control life- yours and your. Trapped in the family court system for over 11 years while Davis was journeying through his tweens and teen years she realized going no contact was not a reality and also that some people are addicted to conflict and will take what ever means, including the family court system to control you. She also realized there was no secret pill or formula to stop someone who is addicted to control and manipulation however you could help matters by changing some of your behaviors that make things worse and learn healthy ways to handle conflict.

While some simple problems may have simple solutions – NPD is complex and more difficult to understand. So there are no easy answers however with the right tools and support system you can take a difficult situation and use it as a growth opportunity. Thats why she created NBG! to simplify a complex problem by suggesting you recognize conflict as a normal part of every day life and choosing to live each day “Moment to Moment.” Embracing lives ups and downs. Understanding you can not control what others do however you can choose how you respond and show up in life.

When we say NARC-B-Gone! we are not saying to make the other person be gone. We are focusing on how you respond to conflict. To remove your negative reactions and choose to respond in logical, game changing ways. You do this by first recognizing how you are in a game of conflict. Then realize it may be possible to possible for you to find a healthier way to respond to the challenges this emotionally toxic person is creating. To help you execute this she created the NBG! 4 which she believes is the #1 thing you can do to change your life when dealing with high conflict. The NBG! 4 to score are 4 battlecries you repeat each time you are involved in conflict.

Brit understands this isn’t an easy journey however she is grateful for the life lessons she has learned over the past 2 decades and grateful to share the 9 step NBG! program with you to help you during a very difficult time.

Davis, is 21 years old and the creator of mentally strong with Davis. A simple, achievable process to build a better life. He teaches tweens & teens how to tackle self- doubt, worry, rejection once and for all and how to take massive action to create the life you want to live. Davis knows first hand what it takes to let go past disappointments, shift your focus to what you can control and find joy and purpose in the life you are living. During a difficult time in Davis’s life, when he was trapped in the family court system, he choose to shift his focus off what was happening and focus on what he could control – his thoughts and choices. He created a simple and powerful process and is excited to share it with kids. He is also the founder of LUV4wrd. A photo sharing app that helps those less fortunate.

How Brit and Davis Can Help You!

October, 2020 Ask Brit & Davis: Talking With Tweens & Teens About Narcissism

Telling your children and teens about divorce and narcissism can be challenging especially if you are involved with an emotionally toxic parent.

Children of different ages will react to the news in their own unique way, and they may ask you questions that require confusing or difficult answers. Still, being open with your children may be the best way to help them understand and process what you are going through and how their lives may change during your separation, divorce and after wards.

During the month of October, get your questions answered about how to talk with children about what divorce is, the changes they may see you and their parent go through during the separation, changes they may go through and  how to handle the hard questions they may have, and how children of different ages may react to the news.

If you have questions about talking with children about narcissism, ask our Brit Morris, BCCC and Davis Smith today. ( put link to the an email for questions)

We will answer as many questions as possible, however  we might not be able to  answer all questions submitted. We will post answers on an ongoing basis throughout October.

Submit your questions now, and check back here for updates.

Brit & Davis also has a course you can download here to help you understand how to talk to your kids, teens and young adults about narcissism.

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