September 15, 2020

Family Court 101: Can You Imagine Dealing with the NARC in Family Court?

Can you imagine having to deal with a person who suffers from narcissistic abuse in a fight for custody of your children? Or for child support? Or alimony? Or your portion of the marital assets? Unfortunately, this is not something you have to imagine. It is a reality for so many people. And, an even more sobering reality is the fact that a staggering number of judges, attorneys, custody evaluators, psychologists and guardians ad litem are blind to the presence of narcissistic personality disorder and thus become unwittingly (or, in some cases, even wittingly) duped by the NARC’s false persona – – to your children’s or your detriment. Custody and family court battles involving NARCs are almost always protracted, some lasting years. And, the NARC who effectively duped the family court judge into awarding him or her custody, inflicts emotional, mental and sometimes physical damage upon their children that can last a lifetime. However, the damage does not stop there. The damage becomes generational. Without the appropriate tools to deal with the NARC parent, such as those taught in NARC-B-Gone! (“NBG!), children of NARCs can grow up to inflict the same type of damage upon their children. And, their children upon their children.

The blog posts in this series, The Family Court Changes, will be geared primarily towards dealing with the NARC and narcissistic abuse in the family court system. To effectively deal with the NARC in a family court matter, it is imperative that a litigant is educated about narcissistic personality disorder, equipped with the tools to combat an opposing litigant or party who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, and empowered to combat an opposing litigant or party at every step of the litigation process. In addition to blogging about how the NARC’s behavior can hamper a case if the other party is uneducated, unequipped and disempowered, we will blog about how using the NBG! tools and principles can educate, equip and empower a litigant to achieve the best possible outcome in their divorce, child custody, or domestic relations case. Each blog post will build upon the previous posts in this series to construct a detailed picture of how the NARC, as either the opposing party or counsel in a family law matter, typically presents during the litigation process.  Even more importantly, the posts will explain how implementing the NBG! principles will help a litigant to execute counter plays against the NARC’s litigation game plays.

Those of you who are familiar with our NBG! program know that Brit and your NBG! team’s experience with narcissistic personality disorder spans both personal and professional arenas. In both personal life, we have a primary relationship with  NARCs. Some of those relationships culminated in a family court case that lasted years. Brit’s in particular over 10 years. YES, you heard us correctly 10 years!

In our professional careers, Brit and your NBG! team have professional experiences in family law, the court room, our therapeutic offices given us nearly three decades of season tickets on the front row of the NARC’s game. It is our honor to give you the gift of benefitting from the knowledge we have  acquired during our experiences  and understand the heartbreak you are enduring if you are breaking free from a NARC.

Talk to you next time with our new blog in The Family Court Changes. Until then, this blog post is adjourned!

– Brit Morris