September 16, 2020

NARC 101: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (Lie-abetes!)

NBG! Game plays with Brit and your NBG! team

by Brit Morris and your NBG! team

Liar, Liar pants on fire

Many NARCs suffer from Lie-abetes!

They lie about anything and everything, and often for no reason!

It’s a chronic condition, and many mental health professionals classify them as pathological liars.

We call it The NARC’s “Liar, Liar” Play.

The NARC’s Play:

Take Dangerous Dan, for example. He goes on and on about playing collegiate baseball at Princeton University. Later, you find out he was never even a student at Princeton!

Respond to the “Liar, Liar” play by first pausing and breathing. This will allow you to control the tempo of the conversation and recognize the play the NARC is using.

Then, calming ask the NARC a direct question about the lie, ” When did you attend Princeton?”

Don’t exhibit any emotions here.

After their response to the question, respond, “that’s interesting.”

Then execute The NBG! 4 to score!
1. Some people and situations will frustrate the heck out of me
2. I will not allow another person to impact my happiness or peace of mind
3. I will give myself permission to pause. To breathe and thoughtfully step away from any situation. ( This is a wise choice I make)
4. I am responsible for creating a kind and LUV-ing mindset and life. I’m an NBG! game-changer!

Again, the goal- “Do not to feed the NARC!”  NARCs drug of choice is conflict and these
emotionally toxic people  thrive on emotions, yours! and live in internal and external conflict.
Instead, learn to spot the NARC’s plays.
Do not personalize the NARC’s words and actions and execute your NBG! counter plays in logical, thoughtful ways.

Congratulations on taking this time to educate yourself about narcissism and learn to spot how emotionally unhealthy people deal with conflict in relationships and ways you can change the situation by changing how you respond. Your on your way to becoming an NBG! game changer!
Here, at NBG!,we provide a community to help equip you with all the tools and support you need to take control of your life, stay 4 steps ahead of any NARC and empower you into the life of safety, freedom, and peace of mind you deserve
If you want to take charge of your life and make that NARC-B-Gone!TM once and for all, check out the program details right here

Or join Brit each week for group coaching where she’ll  help you learn if you are involved with a narcissist and how to deal with emotionally toxic people by learning how to spot ALL the NARC’s play and execute your counter plays to stop a NARC in his or her tracks.
So far with NBG! game plays with Brit and your NBG! team you’ve learned five common NARC plays and how to respond to them.
We hope they’ve been useful to you. Of course, these are not all the plays that NARCs use to manipulate  and control you. There are many more and we look forward to sharing the next NARCs play and counter play next time with NBG! game plays with Brit and your NBG! team!

Keep up the good work!

with Courage & Kindness,
Brit and your NBG! team