September 16, 2020

NARC 101: NARCs & Their Double Standards

NBG! Game plays with Brit and your NBG! team

We hope you’re enjoying your day today.

Can we ask you a personal question?

Are you frustrated in your current relationship, unsure what to do?

We know that the thought of changing how you interact and respond to a NARC can be challenging and uncomfortable at first.

We want to assure you that we know what you’re going through, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. We’re not just telling you what to do, we’re here to coach you while you do it.

Brit and your NBG! team have all walked the same journey you are walking, know how difficult it can be to let go of the control an emotionally toxic person can have over you.

However, we  hope to empower you to take the first step.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support, and join Brit each week for group coaching so you can take control of your life and create your own game plan to freedom.

We really mean it!

And now, for the next NARC play!
The NARC’s Play:
Play #4 is The NARC’s “Rule Changer” Play.

We’re sure you know this one: there’s one rule for you, and there’s another rule for them.

For example, Grand George absolutely insists that you call him every night when you’re out of town, however when he’s out of town, you don’t hear from him until he returns.

NARCs change the rules when it benefits them.


Don’t let them win!  Imagine yourself standing victorious in the end zone with your own NBG! game changing counter plays and game plan to freedom!

Start to see the NARC as a 6 year old – unable to handle conflict in logical manners.

This will help you start to shift the focus off the NARC, realize he/she thrives on conflict and empower you to take control of your life.

Don’t even address the issue.

When they chastise you, question you for not following the rule, stare blankly, breathe and ask, “Help me understand what you are asking me?”

Pause to allow them to answer. They will likely throw another play your way. 
Then, non-emotionally reply, “that’s interesting” This gives you time to observe what play the NARC is executing so you can stay in control of your responses and actions.

Then execute the NBG! 4 to score!

  1. Some people and situations will frustrate the heck out of me (especially NARCs)
  2. I will not allow another person to impact my happiness or peace of mind
  3. I will give myself permission to pause. To breathe and thoughtfully and peacefully walk way from any situation. ( this is a wise choice I make) 
  4. I am responsible for creating a kind and LUV-ing mindset and life. I am an NBG! game-changer!

Remember the goal- “Do not feed the NARC!” NARCs drug of choice is conflict and they thrive on emotions- yours!
Instead learn to spot the NARC’s play.  
Do not personalize the NARC’s plays and execute your counter plays in a logical, thoughtful manners. Be an NBG! game-changer, in charge of your life!
We have to admit, this is one of our favorites.

Are you ready to learn all the plays? Click here to start today!

We’ll see you next time with NBG! game plays with Brit and your NBG! team!

To your freedom!

with Courage & Kindness,
Brit and your NBG! team