September 17, 2020

NARC 101: The NARCissist Drug of Choice is CONFLICT

I’m craving conflict….would you like to play in my game?

The NARCissist drug of choice is CONFLICT!

By Brit Morris and your NBG! team

You heard me correctly. If you are entangled in a relationship where there is a level of conflict and drama you are most likely involved with a narcissist. For years I have tried to simplify what narcissism is.

WHY? Because emotional abuse is extremely harmful AND it is also naked to human eye which makes it nearly impossible to spot and understand until now!

Let me introduce you to NARC-B-Gone! A 9 step program that shows you how people suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder thrive on conflict and people ( unknowingly) accept their invitation into their world conflict and get entangled into a never ending game of drama, confusion and control. In order to see the NARCs game of conflict one must pause in the midst of chaos to understand what is actually going on. ( this can be difficult to do until now.

In my 9 step program NARC-B-Gone! I first educate you what narcissism is. You will learn how the NARC’s uses conflict to harm you and those you love. You will learn how critical it is for you to notice the red flags in the beginning of the relationship and how to intentionally step away. If you are not aware of the red flags you will become entangled a little too late.  Meaning they will have gained your trust and will start using you to take your money, your emotions, your self esteem causing you to doubt yourself, question life. You will be bonded with this person and find it hard to step away.

Narcissism is a very complex issue however by recognizing the red flags up front you can intentionally let go of the guilt you feel and be able to walk away from an emotionally toxic person and learn how to take control of your life.

No contact and the grey rock method simply do not work. Why? They do not empower you to emotionally remove the NARC from your life. Often the person in your life that is a NARC is a close family member or close acquaintance. Removing them from life is not a real possibility. By you changing your own behaviors you will be able to stay 4 steps ahead of the narc even if they must remain in your life.NBG! will show you how.

To help you I have created the NBG! 4 to score. It is the #1 thing you can do to empower yourself and change your life when you are involved with an emotionally unhealthy person that is addicted to conflict. You can learn the NBG! 4 to score in my ecourse. Download here.

Let me explain…. Step 4 in the NBG! program is where you have already learned the NARCs game and where you are currently a player  in the game and how you coach yourself to pause in the midst of conflict. “WHAT?” you might be saying to yourself. ” You want me to pause when I feel triggered and filled with fear, guilt and worry.” “Yes, you heard me correctly. You must learn to pause in the midst so you can reclaim your life. Again, NBG! will show you how!”

The gift of the trigger!

You know what I mean. Out of no where the person you are involved with AND trust sends you a text out of the blue stating  they are breaking up with you and found someone else, or a parent reneges on a promise, or an email comes from an attorney stating you are in contempt of your parenting agreement…..It’s like you are suckered punched in gut. It makes no sense. You think, why did this person not have the common courtesy to sit down with me and talk things out. Why would they just out of the blue step away from a commitment we had. The answer would be…. This person is addicted to “CONFLICT.” An internal conflict that can only  be fixed by them. One in which they refuse to acknowledge. One in which you must recognize and know its not your responsibility to point out or tryand fix. Use the NBG! 4 C’s to change to help.

The NBG! 4 C’s to change

  1. Realize you can not cure NPD
  2. Realize you did not cause this person to make the choices they make
  3. Realize you can not control this persons choices and behavior
  4. Realize you can CONTROL YOUR CHOICES AND BEHAVIOR. You can be an NBG! game changer!

Stay with me a moment. How can YOU be an NBG game changer?

Who are NBG! game changers?

NBG! game changers are people, just like you, who are worried about someone with an addiction to conflict, lying and manipulating. A person in their life that uses people to satisfy their own inner turmoil.

Have you been hurt and embarrassed by someones behavior?

Do you worry about disappointing your mom or dad?

Do you feel no one understands your situation?

Do you convince yourself to trust someone that keeps letting you down?

Do you feel guilty telling someone no because you know they will make you feel guilty?

If you answered yes then NBG! is for you and we invite you to be an NBG! game changer!

First, ask yourself… “How can you hold someone accountable that uses people and conflict to get what they want?”

Let us tell you…..

There is no magic pill to fix NPD. If you are entangled with someone with NPD most likely you will not get a diagnosis which can make your situation seem hopeless. However, now there is NBG! a 9 step support program that shows you first had how the mind of a narcissist works and how to emotionally detach from the person even if they must stay in your circle of acquaintances.

NBG! will show you how YOU can change your own behaviors that may be making the situation worse. You will learn how to find healthier ways to respond to the challenges you are presented with when entangled with a NARC.

Dealing with NPD is a complex situation however by adopting NBG! approach, ” One Moment at a time” you can take control of your life and make a complex situation manageable. Yes, this is possible.

NBG! game changers come to learn narcissism as a family illness affects everyone in a family. If you grew up with a narcissistic parent you will understand your own family role and how you can change your behaviors today. If you are married to a narcissist or co parenting with a narcissist you will learn your own role and how to change your behaviors so you can have a positive impact yoursel and your children. This insight will put you in better position to play a positive role in your family and current situation.

So join us today and take control of your life! Be an NBG! game changer!

– Brit Morris