September 16, 2020

NARC 101: You’re So Mean

NBG! Game Plays with Brit and your NBG! team

You’re so mean…..
No, not YOU.

However, how many times have you wanted to say these words to a NARC? “You’re so mean!”

The things they say and do can hurt so deeply that sometimes you just want to curl up and cry.

Believe it or not, the NARC wants you to feel bad!

Their drug of choice is conflict and they get some sort of sick pleasure from dragging into their conflict and hurting you.
It is how they connect with people.
They bring you in and then push you away. It can be maddening!

It’s not your fault! Something is wrong with them – not you!

The NARC’s Play:
Being mean is one of the most common plays NARCs use. They may call you names or criticize your appearance or skill at something.
We call it The NARC’s “Meanie” Play.

Simply tell the NARC that just because they say something, doesn’t make it true.  
Remember, don’t show any emotion.
Just calmly state the fact!

Then execute The NBG! 4 to score!
1. Some people and situations will frustrate the heck out of me. ( especially NARCs)
2. I will not allow another person to impact my happiness or peace of mind.
3. I will give myself permission to pause. To breathe and thoughtfully and peacefully step away from any situation. ( This is a wise choice I make)
4. I am responsible for creating a kind and LUV-ing mindset and life.

* Remember, the goal- “Don’t feed the NARC.” NARCs drug of choice is conflict. The NARCS thrives on emotions- yours!
Instead, learn to spot the NARC’s plays.
Do not personalize what the NARC is doing (can be easier said than done) and respond in logical, non-emotional manners.

Be an NBG! game-changer –  in charge of your life, 4 steps ahead of any NARC!
Believe this is possible!

Also, don’t just say it to the NARC! Say it to yourself as well.
You need to hear it even more than the NARC does.

Say to yourself:
“Just because the NARC says something doesn’t make it true!
The NARCs mean words about you are not true.
You don’t deserve to be treated cruelly.
You are precious and worthy of real LUV.”

Repeat it until you believe it.

That’s it for this lesson.

Remember, we’re here for you and if you’re unsure whether the person you’re dealing with is a NARC, we can help you.

We teach you how to take control of your life by learning how to interact with this person in non-emotional, intentional ways so you can decide for yourself the next steps you need to take.

Yes, this is possible! Click here!

Until our next Game Plays with Brit and your NBG! team!

with Courage & Kindness,
Brit and your NBG! team