Are you feeling... misunderstood, tired, frustrated?

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Are you hopeful things will change and they don’t?
If so, you are probably involved with a narcissist (we call it the NARC) or maybe just involved in an emotionally unhealthy relationship.

Take control of your life now from any toxic relationship and  join Brit  today. She will show you how take control of life with the only 1 hour course that shows you exactly how to change your life immediately and permanently. 

Brit will teach you how to manage your brain ) and the thoughts within it) to change your life right now. You will also write your own NBG! game changing story so you can stay  4 steps ahead of any narcissist. 

Brit will show you how. With over 30 years of personal and professional experience, she teaches you, from a therapeutic perspective, step-by-step, what narcissism is, how to know if you are involved with a narcissist, how to create your own game plan and remain in control of your life, relationships, finances, peace of mind – YES, this is possible And Yes, I want to be an NBG! game changer and take control of my life now!

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Take control of your life today

Course Content

Module 1 : Learn

This step is all about learning about narcissism – and what their game really is.

Module 2 : Understand

This step is about understanding why the NARCissist targeted you to play in their game.

Module 3 : Visualize

This step helps you take time to visualize yourself taking action to reclaim your life.

Module 4 : Press Pause

In this step we will talk about learning the power of The NBG! pause. ( This is the #1 thing you can do to change your life)

Module 5 : Hear

 In this step you will start to create your game plan and coach yourself  to recognize and categorize the NARC's plays to “catch” what they are doing.

Module 6 : Eliminate

In step 6 we continue to create your game plan and learn how to implement counterplays to the NARC’s and eliminating your historical emotional response

Module 7 : Add

In this step we continue creating your game plan & we go deeper into implementing your counterplays by adding positivity to your life.

Module 8 : Let Go

In this step we talk  about something just as important – if not quite as much fun. This step is about forgiveness.

Module 9 : Soar

In this final step we talk about how you continue to soar in your new life.