April 6, 2020

Episode #2: NARCs and the Coronavirus


NARCs and the Coronavirus

The question of this episode is: ‘How are NARCs and the Coronavirus similar?’ They answer by making a parallel between the current fear and panic among the global population, and the everyday emotions that targets of NARC’s experience as a result of the NARC’s manipulation. The current mania about the virus draws away from the serious needs and concerns surrounding children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised, similar to the Conflict Chaos Creator play that the NARC engages in.

Who is the “NARC”?

The term “NARC” is broad enough to also cover self-centered or toxic people. Understand that the NARC could be anyone, Lisa says. The NARC-B-Gone!tm program aims to teach the NARC’s target – someone who the NARC controls and manipulates directly – how to beat them at their own game. 

Narcissistic abuse is invisible and hard to detect, as the NARC often takes on a charming persona to divert attention from their real intent. In addition, the NARC makes everything complex to distract from who he or she truly is. Figuring out how to evade their tactics is complex but simple. The NARC-B-Gone!tm  program educates you on each one of the NARC’s plays, and equips you with counterplays. 

The Conflict Chaos Creator Play

Using one of the provided game cards, Brit and Lisa describe one of the NARC’s primary plays. This is the Conflict Chaos Creator play: the NARC sows discord or friction between their target and someone they regularly associate with in order to take the focus off of them and what they are doing. The goal of this play is to isolate the target from people they can usually rely on, further securing their dependence on the NARC. 

 A Special Note to All

Brit and Lisa advise listeners to check on their elderly neighbors, especially those who live alone. Research shows that an altruistic attitude has a physiologically positive effect on overall and emotional health. A way to help you is to help someone else.