Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Certification for Attorneys and Therapists

In this professional online certification course, an attorney and former Judge & a board certified therapist  will teach you the life changing NBG! method. You will see how the narcissist operates in the court system, counseling world and in our lives. You will hear first hand how the NBG! method can benefit your clients lives. You will also learn how the NBG! Method will provide your clients immediate awareness about the narcissists illogical behaviors and arm them with the tools to deal with narcissism and take control of their life.

Complete with the best and latest advances in narcissitc abuse recovery, this self-paced course contains 9 in-depth training modules on narcissism and how it impacts families and communities and impacts the court system. Also, get an in-depth look and experience how Bridgette Morris, NBG! founder, educates, equips and empowers her own NBG! clients in a live video 2 day practicum with Bridgette. You will also have a one-on-one coaching session with Bridgette and after completion of test and verification featured on the award winning Healing Life Counseling Group practice ( as a certified NBG! professional.

Course fee includes a Certification logo for you to use in your own practice once you have to completed the course. First practicum is June 15,16. Certfications will be awarded after you take the practicum and complete a test. Call 678-969- 3353 with questions.



Learn how The NARC-B-Gone! Method can help you improve your clients situation and be distinguished as a certified narcissistic abuse attorney, therapist or life coach to grow your practice. 160 million people in the US alone suffer from narcissistic  abuse. Grow your practice by becoming a certified narcissistic abuse recovery therapist, Attorney or life coach. For therapsits, attorney, social workers or anyone interested in teaching others practical ways to deal with narcissism.